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Growth leader as a service accelerates the growth of your business up to 2x more efficiently than traditional operating models.

An extremely experienced board-level growth leader, or CGO (Chief Growth Officer), at your service when and to the extent you need.

Choose the service package that suits your company best

Growth Coach

from €1 900/month

Concrete, tactical or strategic sparring and implementation help at the beginning of growth track or during it.

  • 1 day/month of sparring and planning support for growth leadership

  • Sparring support for starting a growth program

  • Planning support for implementing growth program

  • New insights into growth implementation

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Growth pilot

from €5,900/month

Continuous, concrete support for company leaders and key personnel during growth projects and in managing growth.

  • 1 day per week of growth guidance

  • Regular support for growth program

  • Implementation support for growth projects

  • Regular measurement of growth program targets

Growth leader (CGO)

from €21,900/month

An extremely experienced growth leader leading your company’s growth from start to finish as part of the management team.

  • 4 days per week with a growth leader (CGO) at your service

  • Managerial responsibility as part of your leadership team

  • Full implementation responsibility for the growth program

  • Agreed exit when growth objectives are achieved

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This is how you get started with growth projects and accelerating growth with the help of a growth leader.

What does a growth leader (Chief Growth Officer – CGO) do?

Digital leader - CDO - as a service - Transformation leader -interim manager - interim executive - CGO - Growth leader as a service - Chief Growth Officer - CEO - Mika Repo

The growth leader, or CGO (Chief Growth Officer), plays a central role when your company plans and implements its growth strategy.

A good growth leader is responsible for planning, implementing, and monitoring the growth strategy, ensuring desired results and impacts on the business.

Hire a growth leader as a service and get expert help in implementing the growth strategy and ensure efficient progress and achievement of goals.

The tasks of the growth leader can be modified according to the needs of your organization.

The final package should always be tailored according to the growth strategy, your company’s own capabilities and goals, in such a way that it best meets the exact needs your organization has.

Examples of the most typical tasks of a growth leaderCGO.

Why does your company need a growth leader (CGO) right at the beginning of business expansion?

Managing growth is an essential part of a company’s success. This task requires a knowledgeable and experienced leader who can navigate the organization through a changing business environment, leverage the opportunities it offers, and guide the company towards new, ambitious, but realistic goals. This is where the growth leader (CGO) comes into the picture.

Growth leader as a service provides your company with an experienced and knowledgeable leader who focuses on strategic growth projects. The CGO has a diverse perspective on the company’s operations as they view the business as a whole, including marketing, sales, product development, technology, and business strategy.

The CGO’s task is to create and implement long and short-term growth strategies that respond to both the company’s goals and the challenges of the changing market environment. They work closely with other leaders to ensure that growth strategies integrate seamlessly into the company’s business processes and goals.

The CGO’s role is also central in creating a culture where continuous learning, renewal, and improvement are valued. This culture of growth lays the foundation for the company’s competitive advantage and helps achieve growth goals.

By investing in CGO services, you can ensure that your company is equipped with the right tools and skills to achieve growth. This increases the likelihood that you will achieve your growth goals faster than you originally imagined.

All in all, the growth leader is key to achieving the company’s growth and success. The CGO not only directs growth but also shapes the organizational culture that supports and promotes growth. This makes the CGO an invaluable resource for all companies that want to achieve their growth goals and succeed in a changing business environment better and faster than competitors.

We help you grow profitably and faster than your competitors, and we do more than just make PowerPoint presentations.