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Digital leader as a service accelerates digital transformation

An extremely experienced executive-level digital leader, or CDO, at your service when and to the extent you need

Choose the service package that suits your company best

Digital Coach

from €1 900/month

Sparring and implementation support from the very beginning or during the development of digital capabilities.

  • 1 day/month of sparring and planning support for digital transformation

  • Sparring support for starting a digital transformation

  • Planning support for implementing digital projects

  • New insights into utilizing the latest technology

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Digital pilot

from €5,900/month

Continuous, tangible support for company leaders and key personnel during digital projects.

  • 1 day per week of digital development guidance

  • Regular support for digital projects

  • Implementation support for digital projects

  • Regular measurement of digital development

Digital leader (CDO)

from €21,900/month

A highly experienced digital leader (CDO) managing your company’s digital transformation from start to finish.

  • 4 days per week with a digital leader (CDO) at your service

  • Managerial responsibility as part of your leadership team

  • Full implementation responsibility for the digital transformation

  • Agreed exit when objectives are achieved

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Here’s how to get started with digital transformation and its implementation

What does a digital leader, or CDO, do?

Digital leader - CDO - as a service - Transformation leader -interim manager - interim executive - CGO - Growth leader as a service - Chief Growth Officer - CEO - Mika Repo

A digital leader, or CDO (Chief Digital Officer), plays a leading role when your company is planning and implementing digital transformation.

A good digital leader is responsible for planning, implementing, and monitoring the digital strategy, ensuring the desired results and impacts on the business.

Hire a digital leader as a service and get expert help in implementing digital change and ensuring effective progress and achievement of goals.

The tasks of a digital leader can be tailored to the needs of your organization.

The final package should always be customized according to the digital transformation, your company’s own capabilities and goals, so that it best meets the needs of your organization.

Examples of typical tasks of a digital leader – CDO

Why should you hire a digital leader (CDO) as a service at the beginning of a digital transformation?

A digital leader or CDO as a service provides your organization with an extremely knowledgeable and experienced digital leader who helps adapt to digital change, utilize its opportunities, and achieve new, ambitious, but realistic goals in digital transformation.

By hiring a digital leader as a service, you get tailored and professional help to carry through the digital transformation process.

By investing in digital leader services, you can ensure that your organization achieves the goals of digital transformation, and even faster than you originally thought.

The digital leader in the CDO role is responsible for leading, coordinating, and developing digital transformation at the highest level of the organization. They work closely with other leaders to ensure the integration of digital functions into business processes and objectives.

The digital leader (CDO) plays a crucial role in creating a culture where technology and data are a company’s competitive advantage and enable the achievement of success.

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